What is Zoophilia?

The word Zoophilia is used to label a human-animal sexual relationship - From the Greek, zoon means animal and Phillia, friend or love – and it would be correct to affirm that it is a type of paraphilia (psychological dysfunction related to sex) and who enjoys it can be considered a zoophile. This sentence was first used by Kraft-Ebing in 1894, when he was researching sexuality, but was globally used since 1980, and from there on, another sexual preference own a name.

The practice of Zoophilia is not viewed with good eyes by the society and those who practice it can be condemned as animal abuser and/or outlawed as “crimes against nature”. Normally, during a person’s childhood ending, new feelings rise and sex becomes a very important thing to be discovered. With zoophiles the same happens, but they start to see animals with sexual interests and, in most cases, it can bring up feelings like guilt, rejection and fear of relationship and/or sharing it with other people. To feel attracted by animals does not mean that feeling attracted by people can not happen. It is just a preference that follows the person along life. When a zoophile has sex with animals, these may vary as horses, sheep, cows, chickens, dogs and other bigger animals.

Not only society condemns the practice of Zoophilia: religion does it too. Generally, zoophiles are not religious people; this kind of particularity is not included in their lives. No only men can be a zoophile: a woman can be, too. There is no distinction from gender to gender. Normally it happens in the countryside; in farms, and is practiced by people who are not used to deal with many people in their days. Animals can become the escape valve they need to offload their necessities. It can result, too, from over masturbation; when the necessity of penetration becomes huge and there is no possibility of developing a relationship with other.

It is an illness and whoever is used to do it must be warned that chances of being caught at any time and arrested for this practice are quite substantial. Sex with animals is not normal and it is illegal hence doing it pain would be felt by the poor beings and it means the same as torturing someone.

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