Waxing Genitals May Enhance Sex Life

Waxing genitals is common practice among those that want a differential in bed, as exploring farther some areas that usually don’t receive much attention. The procedure also enables oral sex, because some others dislike giving their partners this kind of pleasure due to the presence of excessive hair in his or her sexual organ. There are many types of genital waxing, for all personal preferences. People should do whatever makes them comfortable, from a more natural look to a totally shaved genital.

When deciding to get waxed, people should visit a good local waxing salon and talk with the professional about what they want. Waxing the entire genital region must be done in a salon, to curb complications. If one, however, wishes to have a simple wax and isn’t comfortable about having a stranger working on their genitals, it’s possible to try some options at home, such as the depilatory creams, which removes the hair down to the root, but may cause irritation due the presence of chemicals. To avoid it, people need to do a patch test on the hair on their arm or leg first.

The home waxing or sugaring is also efficient, but involves a certain degree of pain. Shaving with a standard razor is a popular method and can be used every day, but can cause red bumps and ingrown hairs, what can be minimized by applying a thick layer of moisturizing lotion after the shaving. Shaving with an Electric Razor reduces the irritation, but people need to wait the re-growth of the hair to wax the genitals again. The results of the waxing will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks, with no maintenance.

The most common waxing types are the bikini waxing, which removes the pubic hair in the “bikini” area; the “full” bikini, which just leaves a small amount of hair on the mons pubis, and the Brazilian wax, which removes all the hair of the genital organs, leaving the person completely smooth everywhere under the underwear. The male waxing became more common in the last years, and usually is a slow procedure, which can take up to four hours and may need more than one professional to hold the skin or move the testicles.

It’s important to remember that the genital waxing hurts and usually causes discomfort when the hair is growing again. It happens because the hair is ripped out from the roots on people’s most sensitive and intimate regions. Waxing can’t be applied to peeling or broken skin, as it must be avoided in irritated skins or those affected by warts, pimples or moles. Waxing isn’t recommended for people who have diabetes or poor circulation, because they are more susceptible to infection.

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