Teenagers Sexual Life: Undesired Pregnancy

Kelly Cristine BarbosaCherulli

Sexuality for teenagers has a downside. Undesired pregnancy wrecks havoc in terms of sexual approach for the unprepared mind. Our shrink in sexual questions helped us shedding light on sexuality matters for teenagers.

As far as human physiology concerns, it's said that both man and woman are ready to begin sexual activities as well as procreation since puberty. However, in practice, it might not be so. Would a pregnant teenager be emotionally prepared to assume bore responsibilities of pregnancy and rearing?

Many teens as pregnant find themselves in dire straits with regards to family affairs, studies, peers and the very relationship with sex partners, let alone their own financial independence. In contrast, youngsters used to get married very early not so long ago, with the aims of procreation and heritage of family values.

Currently, when an undesired pregnancy occurs, the would-be-mother is bound to face familial conflicts. Most relatives, even those likely to give teens reassurance, might get shocked by the news and so, wind up by offloading their emotional luggage on teenagers.

In addition, some others, those who would show no support towards teenagers, apart from all the commotion or resentment if you like, sometimes even take extreme measures like kicking teens out of their cribs.

Yet, adolescents face conflicts in terms of group formation. Some peers might have a soft spot for undesired pregnancy and take it on board by giving backing support during this phase. Some might run away though, either by prejudice and fear of that might happen to them as well, or by sheer selfishness.

At school, so goes the teen would-be-mother through a rough patch. As the initial discomfort that might occur during pregnancy takes its toll along with all the care of the first quarterly, on top of all the gestation period special requirements, there might drive her away from certain activities, likewise physical activities.

If it comes down to a risky pregnancy, the adolescent would have to count on peer's good will. As it so happens, after giving birth even if relying on family support the teenager will have other hiccups in order to make her way back to school.

As for the boyfriend or sex partner, who in turn would also have to face his demons, either by giving support or maybe not. Therein, all the responsibility is down to her. Speaking of finances, it's known today that youth would live home later in some cultures. It means that financial independence and emotional stability are given a back seat.

Therefore, there takes being physiologically and emotionally prepared to begin a sexual activity. Talking openly with peers and kin and get to grips with disclosure, seek professional aid disregarding hearsay and oldwives' tales. Ultimately, go by safer sex at all costs.

Ask sex partner to wear condoms whenever in doubt of fertility threshold, or get a prescription for contraceptives before undesired pregnancy takes over.

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