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The objectives of a teenager are to become healthy and sexually active. Adolescent sexuality is haywire, many issues and questions strike upon our minds.

In a nutshell, adolescent sexuality dwells with issues such as prevention against unintended pregnancy, STDs, sexual limit settings, social stigmatization, partner reliability, and even clash of sexual orientation

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Influential factors for sexual identity formation

Perhaps life could be perfect if positive that the sun would shine every day. As it so happens, there would be idyllic to have some reassurance in life, so that we could arrange such certainties and go dodging our fates. However, I believe that such lifestyle would become somewhat tasteless, since our doubts, incertitude and hung ups, do but, pep up our eagerness for new horizons and discoveries, so that, we reach out for knowledge, truth, apprentice, which in turn would make us better and to evolve over the daily tribulations of the surroundings.

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