Sexuality and Everybody's Way in Sex

Adriana Sommer da Costa

Regardless of motives, concerns over sexuality always give raise to public awareness. Only that, prerogatives have pursued different routes. In bygone eras, reproduction matters received further emphasis. Sexual freedom remained out of bounds for women. There were elements of women's subjection and a large contribution was made by the Church. In part, this was a matter of its hostile stance towards sexuality.

Sex focused on procreation alone to say the least. Except for the link with reproduction, no other justification could stand tall. Speaking of which, sexuality was no use. As the discovery of sexually active womanly feelings-a breakthrough of femininity on orgasm-reaching. Vows of feminine desire laid down patterns spawning much later down the line. Sexuality encompasses self-esteem and this very matter for women -quoted,- so-posed profound changes towards sexual freedom.

Sexuality is by far too broad a concept when compared to sex, which in itself boils down to a single act divided in three stages. Obviously, far from attempting to split up intrinsically connected attributes that entail distinctive extents entirely. Forcibly, there is such a thing as total body surrender in sex. Lust and impulses spur from cerebral-range responses. All that implies that sexual intercourse begins on the hypothalamus-responsible for libido and emotions.

A fantastic act of nature sends out sexual messages decrypted through sexual excitement and sensations of pleasure pathways. Those messages are decoded as ejaculation and orgasm. Yet, it reflects on the affective sphere of the whole sexual behavior.

As for sexuality, therein lies a whole physical concept. Our genitals dictate societal inculcation. All sensations, fancies, and sexuality endeavor rebound from family values. Being forged by its feedback, eventually. By the same token, parental guidance as well as cultural background and bigotry inasmuch as imposed surroundings. This batch of factors developed since birth alongside our sexuality patterns. People express themselves differently as far as sexuality goes. It all comes down to individuality whether as a sexual fantasy or as a sex kink.

To name a few, let's check on two classy examples- an individual of timid streak-introvert personality trait- will likely to feel self-conscious about his/hers own sexual impulses- which might trigger situations of sexual gratification of rather lonesome mode. As in, playing an instrument, painting, art collecting and reliance on frequent sole-masturbation.

On the contrary, those of more outgoing streak- extrovert personality trait if you wish- will likely to express sexuality more openly. As in, someone outspoken with body language-synergism fluidity and boldness. An acquired taste for spicing up and novelties are bound to be found amongst extroverts. There are no rules set when it comes to sexuality. Factors interfering in the make up of human character are just as many. Sex and sexuality stem from the same source but follow different avenues as life goes by. Blending in each individual's inner-self to life-standing manifestations.

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