Sexual Predator

To achieve sexual favor by using the force is considerated sexual abuse, among many other things. It happens every day and in many places around the world, and it is one of the most terrific crimes that humanity knows. It can happen in the street and even in people's own home - a sad statistic. There is not how to find out who is a sexual abuser/predator, but is known that more than 70% of the times, he is a male and has more than five years than the victim.

A sexual abuse case does not involve just sexual intercourse. It can happen in many ways, and even a heavier approaching can be considerated as one. Being a sexual predator includes, even, exhibitionism, indecent exposure and other social taboos, considerated as prohibited in most countries in the world.

It is not rare to be a sexual abuser in your work and/or academic environment. Sometimes, using hostile menaces and taking advantage of status/situations/hierarchy they can harm many people. Naturally, these people get ashamed of telling these situations to others. The repercussion of it can be devastating and frightening. Fearing the worse, the victims - instead of denunciating the sexual abuser - get depressed, afraid of having new relationships, sometimes get addicted to tranquilizers, heavy medications and (in worse cases) commit suicide.

There are many ways of being a sexual predator. Some of them don't even know they are one. That is because it is so normal - and sad - the way some things are, in society; and the most impressive is that more than 60% of the cases, the aggressor is not judged and condemned as he should be.

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