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  Erectile Dysfunction

The following o­nes are masturbation methods which women informed they use in the book Hite Report of Shere Hite...
Female Masturbation Techniques

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Menstrual Cycle Related Diseases

Happy are the women who are able to easily go through their periods, without showing any symptoms that may interfere in their daily life, since for other women it would be nothing but an idyllic dream. In the whole world, many women suffer from the most diverse symptoms and diseases during their cycle and the menstrual period. That may cause, in major or minor degrees, remarkable alteration in their relation with the environment.

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  Peyronie’s Disease

The Peyronie’s disease is a sexual dysfunction that causes an unnatural curvature in the penis, being noticeable with an erect penis.

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Prolapsed Vagina - Hysterectomy is the cause

A study has confirmed the effectiveness and durability over time of a patient-friendly, robot-assisted procedure that corrects any complication, which may follow hysterectomy. The study, published in the journal Urology, is the first in the United States to examine the feasibility of using this method to repair vaginal vault prolapsed, or collapsed vaginal walls.

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