Sexual Harassment

Everybody is used to watch movies and TV shows where sexual harassment is frequent. But what most people don't know is that this kind of violence is not so fictional. In the modern world where, nearly always, men and women share the same workplace, and sometimes, covalent or equal charges, the gender difference is not treated like it supposed to be: Just a detail. Some people take advantage of that, causing embarrassing situations, and as everybody knows, in the great majority, men are the aggressors.

What, in general words, characterizes a sexual harassment is somebody menacing someone, using some kind of hierarchy to achieve sexual favors. In the most reported stories, it happens in academic environment and in workspaces where are high-charged and subordinated people. It means that, the aggressor uses his power to attack the victim, intimidating and humiliating (and sometimes threatening to fire) in exchange of sex or other sexual aiming.

The victims get so frightened and afraid of the consequences of being exposed, if the case arises, that most cases even get of out the closet. There are cases that some victims suffer the same mental damages of a raped one. Depression, panic attacks, addiction to alcohol and other kind of things like tranquilizers and drugs. Even cases of suicide are reported.

What support centers and specialists recommend in cases of sexual harassment is to be strong and face the aggressor, preventing him from developing his assaults. It is very important to communicate the authorities about what occurred, and if it is possible to gather incriminating proves like recording audio tapes and other materials. Witnesses can be very useful, too. The important is to be not afraid of say out loud who are menacing you, so he can be judged and condemned.

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