Sexual Behavior: The Influence Of Psychological And Social Aspects

Many factors may influence the human sexual behavior. Psychological and social aspects are responsible, all too often, for restrictions on sexual rapport. Religious inculcation, movies, television, music, relatives and peers' mannerisms also transmit information regarding sex in that one could follow as if it were right. Internet provides comprehensive imagery and a wealth of knowledge to all pertaining to sex and sexuality. The parents' fears of giving all out sex information to their offspring make their teens tap on the Internet as otherwise resourceful and by doing so can remain anonymous.

On which point gives room for the prowl of sexual predators alike, which may manipulatively mislead youngsters into online relationships so that might set up a rendezvous later. Other alarming studies estimate that children are bombarded with sexual content. For example, in 2003, 83% of the episodes of the top television shows among teen viewers contained some sexual content, including 20% with sexual intercourse. These studies also showed that girls who watched more than 14 hours of rap music videos per week were more likely to have multiple sex partners and to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

Nowadays, people, since childhood, watch movies and TV sitcoms that pray on being sexy as a personal trait that people need to develop. Some people also believe that, to breakthrough sexual inhibitions, it's necessary to use recreational drugs, like alcohol, to enhance interpersonal communication. It can, however, result in unwanted kinds of sex or sex without protection. The question of the sexually transmitted disease is more preoccupant for the youth. According to official surveys, as much as 50% of the new HIV infections each year occur in people under the age of 25.

Being the desire to have sex one of the basic drives of sexual behavior, people must learn soon in life everything about human contraception, reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases. It's crucial that schools have health classes and sex education programs. Most important at all is that the parents look for sex information and pass them to their children and teenagers. These ones need to see real-life good examples of individuals who understand and deal responsibly with their sexual natures.

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