Popular Sexual Fantasies for Women

Everyone bears some kind of sexual fantasies. Besides being fun, sexual fantasies may denounce important aspects of your sex personality and the way you perceive sex itself. Unfortunately, most people leave their sexual fantasies under the pillow, ashamed of being repressed or misunderstood or due to relationship routine. However, there are always people with disposition to fulfill their sexual fantasies no matter the cost. Thanks to those people, it was possible to gather the most common and popular sexual fantasies for women in this short list. It will give a few good ideas to women and advice on improving their sexual fantasies. It's also great for men discovering what their partners would like to try on in sex. Here they are in no particular order:

Domination - one of the most popular sexual fantasies for women is to really dominate their partners. Women are generally one way or another playing the submissive part in sex, so it's very pleasant for them to switch roles. Making your partner beg for what he wants you to do, or ordering to perform what you want to do in sex are very good ideas.

Against the wall - being treated as a young, virginal and naive girl who has their arms pinned above her head while the partner's hand makes its way under her skirt is another popular sexual fantasy for women. It doesn't mean that men have to treat their partner aggressively, keep in mind it's just a part of the sex play.

Girl to Girl - Ok, that's admitted a most common fantasy for men but there are many women who consider the idea of having another girl to play with and to show their sex specialties very exciting. She may choose to have her partner just watching or let him participate.

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