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  Female Masturbation Techniques

The following o­nes are masturbation methods which women informed they use in the book Hite Report of Shere Hite...
Female Masturbation Techniques

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Infantile and Young Masturbation

Masturbation is an auto-stimulation of genitals for pleasure. It is something more than a normal examination of genitals in bath that moves almost all kids. It can begin since children are able to hold objects (towards 5 o r 6 months) and it’s very frequent during the 2 years of age.

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  Masturbation: solution for the frigidity and the precocious ejaculation

Today, the search for information about sexuality during the post-childbirth period becomes more and more frequent. This issue is usually brought to the doctor’s office along with fears, myths and doubts, which end up by increasing the couple’s anxiety.

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Masturbation Faq

For men, masturbation is the act of stimulating manually the penis to induce pleasure. For adults and adolescents, masturbation generally finishes with the ejaculation, in which the liquid that contains the sperm, semen, is expelled from the penis. The ejaculation is usually accompanied by orgasm, the whole body feels it (to most people), it's so powerful and pleasant that it's impossible to compare with any other sensation that the human body can try.

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