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  Getting to know a little bit more about the Male Orgasm

The male orgasm is the very last stage of a cycle that corresponds to a male sexual response. Otherwise known as come, ecstasy or ultimate pleasure. It stands for the total liberation of built up tensions followed by paced muscular contractions, resulting in sperm release that in turn promotes ejaculation.

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Male G-Spot

Even if some researchers refused the concept of a male G-spot, the term begins to be accepted and renders its understanding easier. Exactly how this particular area of the male body functions, would give an idea of “equality” to both the male and the female sexuality. However located and performing differently than women’s. In fact, what’s known as the male G-spot is actually the prostate gland.

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  Male Multiple Orgasm

Orgasm and ejaculation don’t fall under the same description. By using simple techniques that we’ll cover here, any man can experience orgasms without ejaculating

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