Lack Of Sexual Desire

In modern-today practically everything in the media relates to sex, so-movie industry of adult content to perfume advertising, seems weird or even impossible that some people may connote no interest in sex whatsoever. However, contrary to all expectations millions of people (25% percent of all Americans) suffer a lack of sexual desire at some point. Some sex specialists already point the problem as the most common sexual dysfunction of todays. The major issue is that lack of sexual desire in general ends up by destroying a well-established relationship, because once sexual desire starts to disappear, other things start to fall apart soon.

It's important to state that there are subtle but important discrepancies between loss of sexual desire and low sex drive. Some people sustain light sex appetite without being worried, while those in for lack of sexual desire seemingly frustrated and distressed. Sexual satisfaction of both is not being met. Frequently, people suffering loss of sexual desire refer to the experience as if "someone has turned off the switch" and once this switch is off, it is very difficult to turn it back. Even sex fantasies in those with low sexual desire seem completely absent.

One of the reasons causing most distress felt in lack of sexual desire is that the suffering can't understand or determine the why and why nots of losing interest in sex. Usually feeling-like there is something missing in the realm of relationship or in sex life itself but so-unable to tell what.

If you identify yourself in some of these traits, you may be in for lack of sexual desire. It is wise to seek out medical advice to determine whether it's really the case and perhaps indicate a follow-through.

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