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 History of Human Sexuality

History and sexuality intertwine almost to the point of flummoxing evolution. But there are some better and less accidental justifications for such an emphasis o­n sexuality.

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Religion And Sex

Religions have been confronting sex as the perfect excuse to profit along their existence.

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  Kama Sutra

When it comes to history of sexuality, the Kama Sutra is the most important piece of literature ever written. The title doesn’t have a perfect translation from Sanskrit but it means something like “rules of love” or “aphorisms of love”.

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History of Fetishism

Fetishism is the use of an inanimate object or a specific part of body for physical or mental stimulation purposes. Such a sexual conduct is widespread and takes many forms, from benign (a preference for the wearing of lingerie as foreplay by the partner) to vicious (a rapist cutting a lock of hair from the victim to masturbate with).

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