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  Female Masturbation Techniques

The following o­nes are masturbation methods which women informed they use in the book Hite Report of Shere Hite...
Female Masturbation Techniques

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Female Orgasm

To seduce a woman is not such an easy task. Flowers, a good restaurant, trying to impress her (what a mind job!), everything goes in the attempt to get to her heart.

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  Sex After Childbirth

Today, the search for information about sexuality during the post-childbirth period becomes more and more frequent. This issue is usually brought to the doctor’s office along with fears, myths and doubts, which end up by increasing the couple’s anxiety.

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Female Ejaculation

Unbelievably the female orgasm and female ejaculation were not recognized until recently. In the 1800’s, if a woman displayed signs of sexual excitement her husband would take her to the doctor so that he (all doctors were men back then) could treat what was in those days diagnosed as “hysterical tension”.

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