Chronic Pelvic Pain and Sexuality

By Darci L. D. Janarelli

We could define pain as a sort of subjective sensation, in that the physical distress or mental, under variable intensity. Thus intensity would depend directly upon the pain threshold of an individual.

In regard to acute pelvic pain stands for that right bellow the waistline, non-clinical and over six month’s time. It’s responsible for up to 10% of the overall gynaecological consultations.

This condition presents in itself a truly challenge for the gynaecologist, seeing that on average, there can’t be found a cause for the pain. This is so because the acute pelvic pain most often features some core psychological deterrent as a cause, be it alone or linked to some sexual disease. Organic aka sexual disease linked to pelvic pain might stem from gynaecological origin or not.

Could be pinpointed within the gynaecological scope endometrioses, pelvic adherence and pelvic varicose also chronicle inflammatory process, amidst others. As for clinical diseases, malfunction of both the bowel and urinary, also muscularity-linked disturbances chiefly lower lumbar area, would have a lot to answer for chronic pelvic pain.

Within pain of psychogenic origin lies the major differential in terms of treatment. Comes chronic pelvic pain often linked to sexual dysfunction whose bearer got affective nature problems, which in turn might not necessarily share common ground.

Pain might be brought into play to make up for the disturbing feelings, so as to mimicked a situation within her better grasp, who would rather shift into something concrete, i.e., dwell in pain other than catch up with her conflicts.

Pain leads, most often, into bossy sprees towards whoever draws near her. As pain bearer, she might demand care and reassurance, thus show her true colours through remarks and mannerisms yet get away with backlash.

Tandem might employ pain as means of neglecting or undermined her sexual streaks, after all, what would it be like to shag in pain?

This trait can be usually spotted on those who suffered sexual abuse or grievous bodily harm.

By and large pelvic pain could be related, under a psychodynamic scope, to either indulge or forfeit of natural instincts such as sexuality, rage and self- contingency.

Further within psychoanalytical context, pelvic pain would bear the duality within the unconscious desire and fender against it, in that the pain stands for smokescreen whereupon the aim is to boost some communication channel through it.

Broadly pain plays a role in the learning process of childhood which might as well denote despair as bonus or headstart. Reaction from parents as of reassurance and care and solace regarding pain in childhood is exactly what the woman with pelvic pain problems seeks after.

Hence, the treatment for pelvic pain from psychogenic origins turns out to be so elusive, owing to her need to be talked into the light of self-awareness towards her reality, yet being prepared to confront her personal demons aimed to get on top of them. With the anxiety management that definitely this emotional string with the innermost level would provide.  

Hardly ever she wishes to refrain from the rewards that her pain imbued.

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