Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse, also known as pedophilia, is one of the most condemnable crimes that the humanity knows. It consists in a man (or woman) that sexually abuses of children and pre-teenagers. Actually it can be considered as a psychological perturbation (paraphilia) where people feel primarily or exclusively attracted to children.

It is sad to say that most child abusers are their own parents and family. They use the children’s innocence to get advantage of some situations, and the children, nearly always, do not even know what is happening, once they don’t have sexual arouses. More than 90% of the times the abuser is a male and five or more years old than the victim.

Sometimes, while abusing the child, the abuser uses intimidation to keep her in silence; in some cases, with more poor children, candies, toys and gifts are given to them, in exchange of sexual favors. Menaces are constant, too. Frightening the victim, nothing is found out and the abuse is not judged. The worse is that by keeping the children in silence, the abuser can commit this crime more than one or two times. The children, menaced, grow sad, depressive and afraid of having relationships and trusting people. Some of them get addicted to tranquilizers and other things. Even suicide is current.

The correct to do is to have an open conversation to children, about everything. To teach them to never hide any secrets is a good tip to reach their trust and vice versa. That is because most of them don’t tell to the parents what happened, afraid of them getting upset. It must be explained the necessities of having an open parents-children relationship.

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