Bondage: Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism

In spite of the great majority not being interested and/or engaged in bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism, it is an interesting subject to be approached, so-demystified. Sometimes when a certain practice or preference is not explained and shown as should be, people are bound to conceive the idea wrongly of its original conception. To know more about a subject means to wish respect. Nobody needs to be part of it in order to develop a conscience.

In the BDSM world there are rules and roles. The “Dominator” is that person whose role is in charge of the situation. This role includes demonstration of power, skill and ownership of someone else (the submissive). The former submits oneself by free will eager to be undermined. On this situation, the dominator bosses the submissive by orders and painful punishments. The level of spanking is measured by the submissive will; thus if pain is not welcome, it is annoyance. These roles can be permanent: an individual can be always the Dominant, nevertheless some people like to switch roles – and it can turn out to be interesting an alternative if necessary.

The practices involving the BDSM can vary from people to people. Some people like it more hardcore than others, and one main thing while practicing it is the pain. Many kinds of pain can be established, like waxing, spanking, slinging, humiliation, among other things.

The history of BDSM comes from a long ago, by the contrary of most people think. The medieval phenomenon of courtly love in all of its slavish devotion and ambivalence has been suggested by some writers to be a precursor of BDSM. Certain sources carry out the claim of  BDSM as a distinct form of sexual behaviour. It would have originated at the beginning of the eighteenth century when Western civilization began medically and legally categorizing sexual behaviour. There are some other sources that argue that in the year of 1769 there already were brothels specializaed in flagellation. There are many sites on the internet explaining it further as showing acessories for increasing the practicers’ fun. Groups the world over can get together and exchange information.

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sex Bondage: Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism

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