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As its name indicates, anal sex consists of the introduction of the penis in the anus, as much in the heterosexual relations, as in the homosexuals. It used to be called " sodomy "; (word derived from Sodom, mythical city that, next to Gomorra, according to the Bible, was destroyed by Jehovah due to its sexual immorality. The reference to Sodom appears bound to literary works like "The 120 days of Sodom" of the Marquis de Sade that was taken to the screen by Pier Paolo Pasolini

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Anal Sex

First, let me say that the best way to learn about anal intercourse is to do it. Keep in mind that the ways of sharing sex must be developed; they don't spring fully formed into the mind. Yet the basic actions of intercourse are easy and simple, as they are for every kind of sex. That is, all the necessary information is already in you; you need only learn how to bring it out, to overcome any confusions and develop rapport with your partner(s). It's the prohibitions, the guilt

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