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  How to Find the G Spot

Your partner’s fingers (with a type of tickle movement), a vibrator or a penis can stimulate the G spot... The Gräfenberg point is a sensitive zone that is located through previous or superior wall of the vagina. Sexual investigators Dr John Perry and Drs. Beverly Whipple denominated G Spot after the German doctor Dr Ernst Gräfenberg described it in 1950.

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How to Seduce A Woman

To seduce a woman is not such an easy task. Flowers, a good restaurant, trying to impress her (what a mind job!), everything goes in the attempt to get to her heart.

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  Sex After Childbirth

Today, the search for information about sexuality during the post-childbirth period becomes more and more frequent. This issue is usually brought to the doctor’s office along with fears, myths and doubts, which end up by increasing the couple’s anxiety.

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How To Talk To Your Parents About Sex

Information is of essence when it comes to questioning the adolescent sexuality. Moved by curiosity, kids usually rely o­n friends’ experiences to search for clues. They forget that in general, their friends are also adolescents, equally having the same doubts and questions.

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